Ford Racing Performance Parts 2014 - page 20-21

For important information about the proper usage of performance parts, please see page 14.
See pages 286-292 for important safety, emissions and warranty information.
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2005-2014 FORD MUSTANG
The old adage in engine performance is “there’s no replacement for displacement”…unless you have
a supercharger!
Ford Racing supercharger kits give Ford enthusiasts hundreds of additional “bolt-on” horsepower
and include our exclusive Ford Racing calibration.
All Ford Racing supercharger kits endure a rigorous calibration and durability schedule before they
are sold to the public. Each kit has thousands of hours on the engine dyno, in climate-controlled
temperature and altitude testing, and finally on-road validation and durability. All with the goal
of making the most reliable horsepower and torque under the curve, and maintaining factory-like
drivability! They are the most proven, engineered and reliable kits available, period!
Only Ford Racing is capable of delivering these characteristics because only Ford Racing can change
not only the calibration, but also the actual software in the powertrain control module. This is akin
to changing a word processor document and the word processing program, too. We do more than
change limits and parameters, we create new features, limits and parameters specifically designed
for our supercharger kits. In some kits, this is up to 10,000 new lines of code.
When you’re looking for safe, reliable, “bolt-on” horsepower, buy with confidence from the industry
leader, Ford Racing. The only supercharger brand good enough to bear the Ford Oval.
2005-2014 FORD MUSTANG
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