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2005-2014 FORD MUSTANG
2005-2014 FORD MUSTANG
Ford Racing’s Handling Packs for the 2005-2014 Mustang come with everything an owner needs to
improve the cornering ability of his/her ride while maintaining everyday streetability. Each FR3 handling
pack comes with all parts needed to lower the front and rear of your Mustang and maintain a streetable
ride. The same engineers who developed the suspension for the BOSS 302R and 302S race cars
worked on the FRPP handling packs. The shocks in the FR3 kit were developed by Multimatic, under the
Dampers brand, and manufactured by Tokico
For the enthusiast who likes to tune their suspension, Ford Racing also offers a tunable suspension
kit. A supplied tool allows the shocks to be adjusted from full soft to full hard, and stages in between.
For sway bars, the solid rear bar is a larger diameter than stock and increases bar stiffness. On the
front suspension, the tubular front sway bar is also larger in diameter to work with the rear bar. Heavier
mounting hardware, billet rear link bars and urethane bushings are included to improve the consistency
of roll resistance through all types of driving.
Short throw shifters are a popular upgrade for late model Mustang, and Ford Racing offers shifters for
the Mustang V6, Mustang GT and SVT models. Most Ford Racing shifters include the famous white shift
ball with engraved “Ford Racing” logo. We also offer black “Ford Racing” logo shift knobs for those who
dare to be different. For Fox body enthusiasts, a Ford Racing/Hurst
shifter is also available for the T-5,
T-45 and T-56 transmissions.
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