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    M-6007-A351R* Serpentine Water Pump (Manual Transmission)M-6007-D351R* V-belt Water Pump (Manual Transmission)
  • New Ford Racing high performance hydraulic roller camshaft M-6250-Z303 and roller rocker arms
  • 351 cu. in.
  • 385 HP (With headers, and a 780 cfm Holley carburetor not included)
  • 377 ft./lbs. of torque @ 4500 RPM
  • 9.0:1 compression ratio (Nominal)
  • Ford Racing aluminum GT-40 cylinder heads M-6049-X305, and GT-40 valve train
  • Single plane “Victor Jr.” intake manifold M-9424-V351
  • Great for limited budgets. It’s the fast, easy way to add performance and reduce weight in high or low mileage vehicles.
  • New heavy duty 5.8L “Sportsman” race block, oil and water pumps, dual sump oil pan, steel billet flywheel and high performance harmonic balancer.
  • Can be used in kit cars, street rods, Mustangs, Fox-bodied cars, and trucks.
  • Depending on your application the timing cover, water pump, performance oil pan and pick-up may be required. See installation notes.NOTE: Photo may vary.LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET
  • A NEW “Sportsman” block 2-bolt main long block engine assembly. Custom built with the same quality controls as a new production engine that includes the block, rods, pistons, timing chain, roller rocker arms, hydraulic roller tappets, push rods, oil pump and pickup, oil pan, M-6582-E302P valve covers, front cover, water pump, damper, flywheel, spark plugs and related long block engine parts – to which Ford Racing engineers have added.
  • Ford Racing GT-40 aluminum cylinder heads. They flow significantly better than production 5.8L heads.
  • Ford Racing GT-40 valve train kit. It includes springs, retainers, keepers, seals and premium stainless steel swirl polished valves with undercut stems. Intake valve diameter is 1.94" and exhaust valve diameter is 1.54".INSTALLATION NOTES:Some or all of the following items may need to be changed from your original engine or modified for proper installation:
  • This engine has a dual sump oil pan and pickup, Mustang/truck timing cover and water pump, and EFI valve covers.
  • Performance oil pan and pick-up may be required for your application. Call the Tech “Hot Line” at (586) 468-1356 for more information.
  • The Mustang/truck timing chain cover may work for 1979-93 Mustang, and most 1987-96 trucks. M-6059-D351 replacement front cover, see page 114, may work for most other common applications.
  • The water pump may work for most 5.0/5.8L serpentine reverse rotation applications. Other applications may require water pumps found on pages 113-114.
  • The valve covers (M-6582-E302P) should fit most Mustang and other non-EFI applications, optional valve covers (sold separately) are available on pages 65-67 in the color section of the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog.
  • The damper assembly may require a spacer for pulley alignment, see page 57-58.
  • The flywheel should work for most 157-tooth manual transmission applications. For C-4 or C-6 automatic transmission applications use the proper 164-tooth auto transmission flywheel, from your local Ford Dealer.
  • Firing order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 (5.0L HO and 351W order).
  • Built with current available parts. Photo and specs may vary.
  • Shipping weight approximately 545 lbs.FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL THE TECH “HOT LINE” AT (586) 468-1356.
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36" x 39" x 36
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543 lb(s)
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