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M-FR500-C* FR500C A turnkey ready to run steed for Grand Am Cup GS class! The Mustang FR500C features the following...

  • Seam welded, pre-paint, production body. Grand Am spec roll cage, attachment points and enclosures specifically for racing.
  • Ford Racing 5.0L "Cammer R50" engine. The heart of this purpose built machine mated to our unique Tremec T-56 racing transmission.
  • Ford Racing brake and suspension upgrades
  • Add driver and look for victory lane


  • Type: 5.0L "CAMMER R50"


  • Steering Rack: Ford Racing rack and pinion
  • Power Steering: Ford hydraulic


  • Fuel Cell: ATL custom dual dry break - 20 gallon
  • Fuel Pumps: Walbro 255L/H
  • Pressure Regulator: Ford - stock


  • Manufacturer: Fikse
  • Size - Front: 18 x 10.0"
  • Size - Rear: 18 x 10.0"


  • Wheelbase: 107.1"
  • Front Track: 62.8"
  • Rear Track: 63.0"
  • Dry Weight: 3100 lbs


  • T-56 6 speed transmission
  • Trac-Tech C-Locker
  • Supercharged Cobra Clutch Kit


  • Front: Brembo 4 piston
  • Rear: Ford
  • Master Cylinder: Ford Racing
  • ABS: Ford Racing


  • Type: Uni-body full seam welded with integrated safety cage
  • Structural Performance: Over 20,000ft-lbs/degree(torsional)
  • Construction: Ford - modified stock steel


  • Dynamic Suspensions - coil-over dampers
  • 3 way adjustable - high/low speed compression rebound
  • Ride height adjustable
  • 3 link with panhard bar
  • Urethane Bushings


  • Dynamic Suspensions - inverted struts
  • 3 way adjustable - high/low speed compression rebound
  • Ride height adjustable coil over
  • Urethane bushings
  • Adjustable anti-roll bar


  • C&R aluminum radiator with integrated oil cooler
  • Ford Racing Performance Parts harness
  • Ford Racing Performance Parts exhaust system
  • Ford Racing Performance Parts high flow intake system
  • SPARCO cable activated extinguisher


  • SPARCO Racing Seat
  • SPARCO 320mm steering wheel - quick release
  • SPARCO 6-point safety harness
  • Center mount console switches
  • AIM digital dash system - data logging and display

Ford Racing Parts for privateer builders...
M-6007-R50 Engine

  • 5.0L "Cammer R50" race engine. This is the only engine approved for Grand Am Cup racing in a 2005-07 Mustang. This is the same engine used in the Ford Racing Mustang FR500C racecar.
  • This is the only transmission approved for Grand Am Cup racing in a 2005-07 Mustang. Developed by Ford Racing and Tremec Transmission for use in the Ford Racing Mustang FR500C racecar.
  • M-7003-T56R 6-speed transmissionwith low helix 4615 steel alloy gears, one-piece counter shaft, heavy-duty pads, slip yoke configuration. Additional Ford Racing Performance Parts legal for Grand Am Cup:
  • M-4602-J drive shaft
  • M-3075-R front control arms
  • M-3130-R front outer tie rod ends
  • M-5649-R rear control arms
  • M-607100-R197 caged body in white
  • M-1007-F1810 18"x10", 5"x4.5", 5/8" stud racing wheels
  • M-3200-R steering rack with reduced assist
  • M-4204-C31 8.8" locker
  • M-4209-G355M 8.8", 3.55:1 ring & pinion
  • M-4211-A 8.8" gasket kit
  • M-4033-G2 differential cover with bearing supports
  • M-6379-B flywheel bolts
  • M-6397-A46 clutch bolt kit
  • M-7213-B shift knob
  • M-7277-B shif boot
  • M-9432-A54 header bolt kit
  • M-2005-R brake master / booster assembly
  • M-2328-C proportioning valve
  • M-7210-R Shifter kit
  • M-6038-R Motor mounts
  • M-8005-R Radiator
  • M-3395-A Ball joint
  • M-2300-A Front brake kit
  • M-3952-R Caster adjusters
  • M-18183-R Caster adjuster kit
  • M-18120-R Race dampers
  • M-5638-R Rear upper control arm bushings
  • M-5639-R Panhard rod bushing kit
  • M-2001-R Front brake pads
  • M-2200-R Rear disc brake pad
  • M-12637-T50G Fuel charge harness
  • M-12650-BR50 Engine control unit
  • M-3601-R Steering wheel
  • M-16620-R Race seat
  • M-61108-R 6-point safety harness
  • M-9002-R Fuel cell

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