This part is no longer available.
    Ported Head Features 
  • Fits 302/351 Windsor engines
  • Intake and Exhaust airflow increased approximately 10%
  • This cylinder head was designed using Solid Modeling Technology
  • Cast from prime A356 T6 aluminum
  • 59cc CNC'd combustion chamber (dependent on valve style and valve job)
  • Heads are cast with high-flow ports
  • 20 degree inline valves
  • Suggested valve sizes: 2.08-inch intake and 1.60-inch exhaust
  • Requires competition valve job and bowl blending
  • Steel alloy intake and exhaust valve seats installed (no valve job)
  • Manganese-bronze 11/32" valve guides installed with semi-finished ID
  • Bare head weighs 27 lbs. Accepts both tapered seat and gasket style 14mm spark plugs (Motorcraft AGSP-32-C, Autolite 3924, 3925)
  • Requires guide plate M-6566-Z304D (not included)
  • Requires 7/16" screw-in studs (not included)
  • Requires 7/16" screw-in studs (not included). Requires M-6564-F351 1.65:1 or M-6564-G351C 1.5:1 ratio roller rocker arms with .150" offset intake pushrod cup (not included)
  • Uses M-6505-B304 exhaust valve and M-6507-A304 intake valve (not included)
  • Raised exhaust port exit, custom headers may be required
  • Check your intake manifold for port match; not all intakes are compatible due to the tall high-flow ports. Does not fit M-9424-Z51/-Z51P 
  • Requires M-9439-ZP Intake manifold gasket
  • Uses Felpro® exhaust gasket part number 1487
  • Felpro® VS13264T valve cover gasket recommended
  • Check piston to valve clearance including radial valve clearance before installing these cylinder heads on your engine
  • Uses Felpro® exhaust gasket part number 1487
Part Type
Engine: Cylinder Heads
Warranty Availability
Not Available
Package Dimensions
8" x 24" x 8"
Package Weight
24 lb(s)
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Country of Origin
United States