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M-6007-E460* • 460 cu. in. • 485 horsepower (Est.) 480 ft./lbs. of torque. Using an 850 cfm carburetor and dyno headers (not included). • 10.5:1 compression ratio (Nominal) • “Performer RPM” dual plane intake manifold • Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” aluminum heads with Ford Racing valve train M-6049-B429 • Ford Racing high-torque hydraulic flat tappet camshaft (M-6250-A443) .562' intake and .588' exhaust lift with 234 degree intake and 244 degree exhaust duration at .050' lobe lift • 460 2-bolt main short block M-6009-D460, oil and water pumps, oil pan, flywheel, and harmonic balancer • High performance engine for bracket race cars, late-model short track racers, and marine applications. NOTE: Photo may vary. LOOK AT WHAT YOU GET • Long block engine assembly. Custom built with the same quality controls as a new production engine that includes crank, rods, pistons, timing chain, roller rocker arms, hydraulic flat tappets, push rods, oil pump and pickup, oil pan, M-6582-C460 valve covers, front cover, water pump, damper, flywheel, spark plugs, related long block engine parts and remanufactured block .030' overbore – to which FordRacing engineers have added: • Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” aluminum cylinder heads. They flow significantly more than production 460 heads and feature a Jon Kaase port design. Combustion chamber volume is 72cc (Nominal). • Ford Racing “Cobra Jet” valve train includes springs, retainers, keepers, seals and premium stainless steel swirl polished valves Intake valve diameter is 2.20' and exhaust valve diameter is 1.76'. • Ford Racing high performance hydraulic camshaft M-6250-A443 provides significant horsepower increases above 1500 RPM and good low end torque. Valve lift is .562' intake and .588' exhaust. Duration at .050' is 234 degrees intake and 244 degrees exhaust. • Remanufactured blocks have a clean-up cut to the cylinder head deck, align honed main bearing bore, bottom tapped holes (no heli-coils), new freeze plugs and cam bearings. INSTALLATION NOTES: Some or all of the following items may need to be changed from your original engine or modified for proper installation: • Performance oil pan and pick-up may be required for your application. Call the Tech “Hot Line” at (586) 468-1356 for more information. • The water pump may work for most7.5L standard rotation applications. • The valve covers (M-6582-C460) should fit most Mustang and other non-EFI applications, optional valve covers (sold separately) are available on page 66 in the color section of the Ford Racing Performance Parts catalog. • The auto transmission flywheel should work for most C-6 automatic transmission applications. For manual transmission applications use flywheel M-6375-Z460 see below. • If a mechanical fuel pump is to be used, the front cover must be changed, and a fuel pump eccentric added to the front of the camshaft. • Firing order 1-5-4-2-6-3-7-8 • Built with current available parts. Photo and specs may vary. • Shipping weight approximately 670 lbs. FOR MORE INFORMATION CALL THE TECH “HOT LINE” AT (586) 468-1356 SEE ALSO 460 FOX ENGINE SWAP MOUNTS M-6038-A460* C-6 Auto. Trans. only Use in 1979-95 Mustang and other Fox-chassis cars to mount 429/460 engines. Our rubber insulated mount kit is designed to work with M-6675-A460 rear sump oil pan kit and custom headers. NOTE: Does not fit I-6 cylinder front crossmember. FLYWHEEL M-6375-Z460 Fits 1979-97 460 • Manual transmission flywheel for all 460 engines with 24.2 oz.-in. external balance including 460 Ford Racing crate motor • Long style clutch • Meets SFI specifications HIGH TORQUE MINI-STARTER M-11000-A75 Auto Transmission M-11000-B75 Manual Transmission • Fits 429/460 • Special battery cables included
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