Ford Performance has taken the technology and hardware developed for the Shelby GT350 Mustang and created the ultimate, naturally aspirated, 5.2L cross-plane crankshaft crate engine.  With a rating of 580 horsepower at 7,800 RPM, the new Aluminator 5.2 XS is the most powerful naturally aspirated modular crate engine ever built by Ford Performance. This is the worthy successor of our previous rendition-the "A50XS". 

Every Aluminator is hand assembled by the same technicians that built the Mustang Cobra Jet drag racing engines.  Premium aftermarket components are used to ensure durability, like; unique Manley® connecting rods, ARP® rod bolts, Mahle® forged pistons, forged steel crankshaft sprocket, and billet oil pump gears.  Unique components developed specifically for the Cobra Jet racing program are used including Cobra Jet short runner-high RPM intake manifold, 1517 CFM dual 65mm Cobra Jet throttle body, and high RPM pulse ring. 

Ford Performance Engineers developed a balanced combination of high end, 580 horsepower and strong mid-range torque with the Cobra Jet intake manifold, unique camshafts and fully CNC ported GT350 cylinder heads. 

  • Designed to work with 2015-2017 Mustang GT electronics-custom calibration required! 
  • 580 Horsepower  @ 7,800 RPM
  • 445 lb.-ft. Torque @ 4,500 RPM
  • 5.2L 
  • 317 Cubic Inches  
  • 12:1 Compression Ratio   
  • Mahle® hard anodized forged pistons with low friction coating  
  • Unique Manley® H-beam connecting rods with ARP2000® bolts  
  • Unique Ford Performance M-6303-M52 Forged steel cross-plane crankshaft  
  • Uses Ford Performance M-6010-M52B Shelby GT500 cylinder block 
  • Ford Performance M-6675-M52 Shelby GT350 oil pan which features integrated windage and slosh baffles as well as an integrated oil pickup 
  • Ford Performance M-6600-M50A billet steel gerotor oil pump gear set
  • Ford Performance M-9424-M50CJB Cobra Jet tuned intake (will not clear production 2015-2017 hood without modification). Please contact the Ford Performance Techline for more information 
  • Ford Performance M-9926-CJ65 Cobra Jet dual bore 65mm bore throttle body  
  • Four-valve-per-cylinder Shelby GT350 fully CNC ported aluminum heads with roller-finger camshaft followers  
  • Unique PAC® valve springs
  • Ford Performance M-6550-M52 camshafts    
  • Camshaft specifications: 
  •        Intake camshaft - 14mm lift / 270 degrees duration  
  •        Exhaust camshaft - 14mm lift / 270 degrees duration 
  • Robust primary timing chains as used on Shelby GT350R   
  • Low-leak rate variable cam timing (VCT) phasers   
  • Forged steel crankshaft sprocket 
  • Ford Performance M-9593-LU47 47 lb. fuel injectors  
  • Ford Performance M-12A227-CJ13 high RPM pulse ring  
  • Unique Ford Performance blue coil covers with added unique badging. This coil cover set is not available anywhere other than the Aluminator 5.2 XS! 
  • Ford Performance M-12405-M50A zero (0) heat range spark plugs     
  • Ford Performance M-6731-FL820 oil filter (quantity-1 included) 
  • 200 amp alternator and Front Engine Accessory Drive (FEAD) kit as used on the Cobra Jet race car
  • NOTES:      
  • Vehicle harness and PCM not included. Use Ford Performance Control Pack which contains wiring, PCM and installation kit M-6017-504V -designed for installation with a manual transmission. For automatic transmission version, please see M-6017-M50A Control Pack. Custom calibration required with either control pack!     
  • Engine does not include engine harness or flywheel/flex plate  
  • Engine mount bosses and bell housing mount pattern common to 4.6L and 5.0L modular engines  
  • Headers not included  
  • Assembly plant lift brackets not included 
  • Custom PCM calibration required when installing crate engine in all vehicles including 2015-2017 Mustang  
  • Premium unleaded fuel only! 
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